ENC scientist develops test for safely consuming raw oysters

You may be thinking about oysters as a part of your romantic Valentine’s dinner. They’re packed with trace minerals and vitamins A and D. But something else they may also be tainted by is bacteria. The good news is now is one of the best times to consume this shellfish delicacy. “The beginning of February is usually one of the coldest times and it’s usually when we see the lowest levels of bacteria.” That’s Research Assistant Professor at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City Bre...
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North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association

Industrial hemp farming legalized in NC

In October, North Carolina lawmakers legalized industrial hemp. Not to be confused with its sister plant marijuana, hemp has many uses for commercial products, which North Carolina farmers are excited about. Sarah Finch has more on the state’s new hemp pilot program. Hemp refers to a specific strain of Cannabis plants that are grown from a seed and can reach up to 15 feet tall. Although the word cannabis often brings to mind images of ‘smoking pot’ or ‘getting high’, hemp plants contain very ...
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