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National Ocean Sciences Bowl takes place at the Crystal Coast

What is a typical rate of upwelling in eastern boundary current regions in meters per day? That’s just an example of the types of questions high school teams had to answer at this year’s National Ocean Sciences Bowl held at the Crystal Coast. By the way, the answer is 8 meters per day. The competition tests students’ understanding of ocean related topics as they relate to biology, chemistry, physics and geology. To win takes more than just knowing facts. “You have to really understand how...
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Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

ENC Split Over HB2 as Tourism Season Begins

Laura Taylor, Center of Environmental and Resources Economic Policy at NCSU

Study shows wind farms would impact local toursim

UNC Research

Scientist and local fisherman work to restore oysters at the Crystal Coast

There’s an environmental and economic crisis along our coast and around the world. Oyster populations are drastically low, as compared to their numbers a century ago. In North Carolina, oyster populations have dropped 90 percent. But two men in Carteret County think they may have the answer to the shortage. One is a scientist, the other is a fishermen. It’s an unlikely partnership, since scientists and commercial fishermen haven’t traditionally had the best relationship. Against big odds,...
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