Martin Kaste en Botched Ariz. Execution Renews Unease Over Lethal Injections <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit<img src=""/></div><p>Transcript <p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: <p>Arizona's governor has ordered a review of yesterday's execution of convicted murderer Joseph Wood. Opponents of the death penalty call it another botched execution by lethal injection. Thu, 24 Jul 2014 20:15:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 47202 at States Push For Prison Sentence Overhaul; Prosecutors Push Back Some red states like Louisiana and Texas have emerged as leaders in a new movement: to divert offenders from prisons and into drug treatment, work release and other incarceration alternatives.<p>By most counts, Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country. Wed, 09 Jul 2014 07:32:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 45889 at States Push For Prison Sentence Overhaul; Prosecutors Push Back For Prison Reform Critics, Jail Cells Spell Hope To Kick Addiction Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block.<p>ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: <p>And I'm Robert Siegel. Now the pushback against prison reform. America's prison population has begun to decline, thanks to reform efforts that are being embraced in some very red states. Texas has been leading the pack, changing its system to divert more offenders away from prison and into drug treatment and work-release programs. Still, not everyone is on board, especially when you start talking about eliminating prison time for drug offenders. Tue, 08 Jul 2014 20:13:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 45868 at In A Standoff With Montana Officials, The Justice Department Blinks The Justice Department announced Tuesday it <a href="">has resolved a two-year-old standoff</a> with the county attorney in Missoula, Mont., in what was originally a dispute over accusations that local prosecutors weren't doing enough to prosecute rape cases.<p>Over time, however, the issue turned into something else: a test of the Feds' power to impose reform on local prosecutors. Tue, 10 Jun 2014 22:38:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 43635 at Can Cop-Worn Cameras Restore Faith In New Orleans Police? Body-worn video cameras are quickly becoming standard-issue for American police, especially at departments in the process of reform. And in New Orleans, the troubled police department is now requiring almost all officers to wear the cameras.<p>The city's police department has a dark history of corruption, racism and brutality. Thu, 22 May 2014 21:50:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 42091 at Can Cop-Worn Cameras Restore Faith In New Orleans Police? Invoking 'Castle Doctrine,' Mont. Man Pleads Not Guilty In Teen's Death Montana resident Markus Kaarma pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of murdering a German exchange student last month. Kaarma shot the 17-year-old while the student was trespassing in his garage. The case has attracted international scrutiny to the contentious debate over how far Americans may go when defending their homes.<p>Kaarma's lawyer, Paul Ryan, says his client feels badly about the shooting, but that prosecutors in Missoula, Mont., have no business charging Kaarma with murder. Wed, 21 May 2014 22:46:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 41999 at Invoking 'Castle Doctrine,' Mont. Man Pleads Not Guilty In Teen's Death Seattle Proposal Would Raise City's Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>The minimum wage may go up anyway in Seattle. Politicians there want to raise the local minimum higher than current 7.25, and higher than President Obama's goal of 10.10. [POST-BROADCAST CORRECTION: Seattle's current minimum wage, like all of Washington state's, is $9.19 per hour.] Seattle is seriously considering setting the minimum wage at $15.<p>Here's NPR's Martin Kaste.<p>UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Seattle - 15, 15, 15!<p>MARTIN KASTE, BYLINE: That's right, $15 an hour. The idea caught fire during the municipal election last year. Thu, 01 May 2014 09:05:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 40284 at Botched Oklahoma Execution Mobilizes Death Penalty Opponents Oklahoma death row inmate Clayton Lockett's execution was botched on Tuesday, when a relatively new combination of drugs failed to work as expected. The incident, the second of its kind in recent months, is renewing questions of what constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment." <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Wed, 30 Apr 2014 20:00:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 40251 at Wash. Loses 'No Child Left Behind' Waiver Over Teacher Evaluations Transcript <p>ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: <p>Washington has become the first state to lose its waiver to the No Child Left Behind Act. Most states have waivers to some of the more stringent requirements of the 2001 federal law but those waivers come with conditions. As NPR's Martin Kaste reports, Washington is being punished because it didn't fulfill a condition that is very dear to the Obama administration.<p>MARTIN KASTE, BYLINE: What the administration wants is simple. Fri, 25 Apr 2014 20:22:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 39867 at Feds Rescind Washington State's 'No Child Left Behind' Waiver Washington has become the first state to have its "No Child Left Behind" waiver revoked by the Obama administration. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 23:50:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 39780 at Obama To See Effects Of Deadly Mudslide In Oso, Washington Transcript <p>RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: <p>And on his way to Asia, the president will make a stop in Washington state. There, he will view the destruction from a massive landslide north of Seattle in the town of Oso. Obama will meet with those affected by that disaster and first responders. It was a month ago that the hillside gave way and wiped out a rural neighborhood. Crews have been looking for the remains of victims ever since. The official death toll now stands at 41. Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:00:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 39500 at In The Land Of Razor Clams, Dinner Hides Deep Within The Sand As soon as you drive into town, it's pretty clear that Long Beach, Wash., is all about the razor clam. The first clue is the giant frying pan. It's 14 feet tall and a relic of the clam festivals of the 1940s. And then there's the clam statue that spits when you insert a quarter.<p>But if you really want to see how much people here love their clams, you'd have to be like Karen Harrell and get up before dawn and drive out onto the blustery beach to go clam digging.<p>Harrell is one of hundreds of people already out on the beach, just ahead of the low tide, tramping around in rubber boots. Fri, 18 Apr 2014 22:13:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 39290 at In The Land Of Razor Clams, Dinner Hides Deep Within The Sand Apple Upgrade Tracks Customers Even When Marketing Apps Are Off The people who design marketing apps are celebrating a change in the way <a href="">iBeacon</a> works on iPhones. That's the Bluetooth-based system that lets a store track a customer's movements, and capitalize on them. For instance, if iBeacon detects you lingering in the shoe department, it might send you a digital coupon for socks.<p>IBeacon has been around for a while, and marketers liked the concept in principle. Tue, 15 Apr 2014 15:50:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 38968 at Apple Upgrade Tracks Customers Even When Marketing Apps Are Off Survey: Americans Skeptical Of Prison For Non-Violent Drug Crimes Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>Now to a new survey from the Pew Research Center that's found more evidence of a shift in public attitudes toward illegal drug use.<p>As NPR's Martin Kaste reports, the survey indicates growing public skepticism about prison terms for nonviolent drug offenders.<p>MARTIN KASTE, BYLINE: This shift has been going on for a while now. Previous polls already showed a new majority in favor of legalizing marijuana. But in this survey, you also see changing attitudes toward harder drugs.<p>Carroll Doherty is Pew's director of political research. Wed, 02 Apr 2014 20:16:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37936 at Washington Landslide Takes A Grim — And Fluctuating — Toll <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit<img src=""/></div><p>Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Mon, 31 Mar 2014 20:33:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37745 at Landslide Dangers Abound In Whatcom County, Wash. Transcript <p>DAVID GREENE, HOST: <p>This is MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. Good morning. I'm David Greene.<p>LINDA WERTHEIMER, HOST: <p>And I'm Linda Wertheimer.<p>Search crews working in Oso, Wash., north of Seattle, have now found 24 bodies at the site of Saturday's massive landslide. Thu, 27 Mar 2014 09:09:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37424 at Your Smartphone Is A Crucial Police Tool, If They Can Crack It New software and gizmos are revolutionizing police work, with <a href="">social media scanners</a>, <a href="">facial recognition</a> and other high tech items. Tue, 25 Mar 2014 18:58:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37285 at Your Smartphone Is A Crucial Police Tool, If They Can Crack It The Security Cracks In Your Smartphone Law enforcement's ability to <a href="">get past your phone password</a> depends on "exploits," hacker tricks that take advantage of vulnerabilities in the phones' operating systems. Many exploits are kept quiet, to be sold to criminals or security companies. Others leak out. Tue, 25 Mar 2014 18:56:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37286 at The Security Cracks In Your Smartphone Caution And Concern Prevail In Days Following Washington Landslide Officials in Washington say they've received 108 reports of people missing in the region hit by a recent landslide. But they say that is a "soft number" and rescue efforts continue. Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:07:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37218 at Treacherous Mud Slide Debris Challenges Rescue Workers Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>Search and rescue efforts resume today as soon as the sun comes up on the scene of a landslide about 50 miles north of Seattle. This slide wiped out part of a small town a couple of days ago, killing at least eight people. And authorities are not sure how many people are still missing.<p>NPR's Martin Kaste reports.<p>MARTIN KASTE, BYLINE: Imagine a narrow valley in the Cascade foothills, the kind with a highway that's squeezed in along the river, with just enough room for a couple of dozen homes tucked in among the trees. Mon, 24 Mar 2014 09:51:00 +0000 Martin Kaste 37158 at