crops en Rainy June Takes a Toll on Local Crops <p>An excessively wet and rainy June has damaged some crops in Eastern North Carolina. Lee Jenkins has more on the extent of the damage and what effect it may have on the consumer.</p><p></p> Fri, 12 Jul 2013 15:38:40 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 18518 at The Down East Journal (07/12/13) <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">This week on the Down East Journal, we highlight a partnership between local farmers and the military aimed at eating locally grown food- and producing energy from local biofuel crops.&nbsp; And, we speak with the organizer of the Crystal Coast Music Festival about Saturday’s event on the </span>Bogue<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Sound Waterfront in Morehead City. &nbsp;Catch the Down East Journal, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations.&nbsp; And Saturday at noon on PRE, Public Radio East, News and Ideas.</span></p><p></p> Wed, 10 Jul 2013 18:44:16 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 18334 at The Down East Journal (07/12/13) ENC Strawberry Season Gets A Late Start <p></p> Fri, 12 Apr 2013 16:19:04 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 11586 at ENC Strawberry Season Gets A Late Start The Future of Biofuels in North Carolina <p>We discuss the future of the biofuels industry in North Carolina. We talk to researchers and farmers about the potential of growing high energy grasses that can be converted into ethanol.</p> Tue, 05 Feb 2013 16:49:08 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 6529 at