Havelock http://publicradioeast.org en Craven County Cuts Congregate Meals Program in Havelock and Harlowe http://publicradioeast.org/post/craven-county-cuts-congregate-meals-program-havelock-and-harlowe <p>Plans to cut funding for the Congregate Meals programs in Havelock and Harlowe are proposed.&nbsp; We’ll explain how the decision was reached and explore a possible solution.</p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 15:33:24 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 16447 at http://publicradioeast.org Sinkhole in Havelock http://publicradioeast.org/post/sinkhole-havelock <p>Crews are on site today repairing a water main that caused a 20 foot wide sinkhole in Havelock. Jared Brumbaugh reports.</p><p>The incident occurred when a connection between an old water line and a newer pipe gave way around 7 pm last night.&nbsp; The sudden release of water created a sinkhole &nbsp;20 feet across and 15 feet deep near the bridge on Pineview Street and Joe’s Branch.&nbsp; Public Information Coordinator with the city of Havelock Diane Miller says crews were at the site today pumping water from the problem area to initiate the repair.</p> Mon, 11 Mar 2013 18:54:34 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 9142 at http://publicradioeast.org