styrofoam en Onslow County Students Turn Trash Into Treasure <p>We explain how some Onslow County students are doing their part to help the environment by transforming their Styrofoam lunch trays into recyclable material.</p><p>Onslow County students are taking a bite out of grime, working to recycle the Styrofoam lunch trays their schools throw out every day. And, boy, do they throw out a lot of trays. According to Onslow County’s Solid Waste and Landfill Assistant Director Lisa Rider, the school district goes through over 19,000 trays in a single day. To make matters worse, the trays can remain in the landfill forever.</p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:33:27 +0000 Jared Brumbaugh 16463 at