New Bern, NC – The nursing shortage is a term that's been circulating around Eastern North Carolina for a few years now. More and more of the area's community colleges are touting their nursing programs, and hospitals are encouraging high school grads to pursue a career in what seems to be a field desperate for workers. But, what are the causes of this shortage and just how is it affecting hospitals, doctors' offices and other businesses that require the help of nurses? Megen George has this report.

Onslow County Tsunami Ready program

New Bern, NC – INTRO - Hurricane season came to a close Thursday, which likely means emergency officials are already making plans for the 2007 season starting next June. One county's emergency management department marked the end of the 2006 season by announcing they're prepared for another natural event never before seen on the U-S East Coast. George Olsen has more.

New Bern, NC – Americans are among the most overweight people in the nation some dangerously so. Many people who reach dangerous levels of obesity turn to weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass. Pitt County Memorial Hospital and The Brody School of Medicine are now offering an alternative to gastric bypass surgery laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, or LAP-BAND surgery. Megen George recently spoke with Dr. William Chapman, chief of minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at PCMH.

"Welcome to the Bed & Biscuit" - Joan Carris

New Bern, NC – INTRO - Public Radio East commentator Joan Carris has just released her 14th children's book Welcome to the Bed & Biscuit. It's a fantasy set around a farm-full of talking animals as usual, the humans just aren't listening and what happens when a new animal comes in and upsets the mix. George Olsen spoke with the author and his this.

New Bern, NC – Onslow County may be most well known for being the home to two military bases. Camp Lejeune and New River Marine Corps Air Station. Onslow county also boasts miles of beaches, and farmland. However, Onslow county is also known for something else. The county has the highest number of child abuse cases in the state. Megen George has this report

New Bern, Nc – Onslow County has the highest rates of child abuse in the state. We'll look into efforts the county is making to curb the numbers. And we talk with New York Times Best Seller, author Nicholas Sparks. He's about to release his newest novel.

New Bern, Nc – The Crystal Coast Book Festival is underway in Carteret County. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We take a trip to a retreat created especially for those dealing with the disease.

New Bern, NC – More and more North Carolina families are opting to educate their children at home. State legislators are asking the public to speak out on alternative forms of medicine and healthcare and Regular Commentator Marion Blackburn says politics and religion aren't the only topics that are off limits during polite conversation.

New Bern, NC – (Full text of complete interview follows story transcription)

INTRO - Yesterday we heard from the Republican candidate for the District Ten House seat Willie Ray Starling, who defeated the incumbent in a special election. Today we profile the Democratic candidate for House District Ten Van Braxton, a Kinston City Councilman and owner of a small Greene County farm. George Olsen has this.

New Bern, NC – You heard the feature story, now you can hear Megen George's entire interview with District 2 Senate Candidate Jean Preston.

New Bern, NC – You heard the feature story, now you can also hear Megen George's entire interview with District 2 Senate Candidate Pete Bland.

New Bern, NC – (Transcription of complete interview follows profile text.)

New Bern, NC – Public Radio East continues its series of candidate profiles leading up to Election Day with District 2 senate candidate Pete Bland. Megen George recently spoke with the Democrat about his history in area politics and what he hopes to achieve if elected to a second term in the state senate.

New Bern, NC – Public Radio East's Series of candidate profiles leading up to Election Day continues with the Republican Challenger in the race for North Carolina's District 2 Senate Seat. Today we take a closer look at Republican candidate, Jean Preston the 14 North Carolina House representative who decided to try her hand at the senate. Megen George reports

New Bern, NC – (Complete transcript of interview follows profile transcript)

INTRO - With no presidential, gubernatorial or U-S Senate races this Election Day, the top state-wide race is perhaps the Chief Justice post on the state Supreme Court. Challenging the incumbent Sarah Parker is Superior Court Judge Rusty Duke of Greenville. George Olsen offers a profile of the candidate.

New Bern, NC – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for those diagnosed with breast cancer, every month centers on the disease. There are questions about various treatments, where to find support, and what products are available to improve quality of life. Those questions and more can be answered by the Breast Cancer Resource Directory of North Carolina, a book created by 14-year breast cancer survivor Jamie Konarski Davidson. Public Radio East's Megen George recently spoke with Davidson.

Smyrna, NC – A teacher from Down East Carteret County has received a national honor and was recently whisked off to New York to accept her award. Freelance Contributor Barbara Blake recently spoke with Margie Misenheimer about being named National Marine Educator of the Year.

New Bern, NC – More and more North Carolina families are making the decision to educate their children at home. As these numbers rise, so does the amount of students that go onto college. However, there are many gray areas in the college admissions process when it comes to home schoolers.

New Bern, NC – Barriers to alternative medicine is the focus of a house committee appointed during the 2006 legislative session by house speaker Jim Black. Representative Earline Parmon heads up the committee which will evaluate and study the various types of alternative and complementary medicines practiced in the state. Public Radio East's Megen George spoke with Representative Parmon who says the Public's desire for knowledge about alternative medicine prompted legislators to take a closer look.

New Bern, NC – Some Eastern North Carolina Counties are eligible to recieve loans to pay for repairs and damage due to Tropical Storm Ernesto. Public Radio East's Music Director, Sefton Wiggs reviews a new release of Brahms Piano Concerto #2.

New Bern, NC – On Tuesday Governor Mike Easley announced that the federal Small Business Administration has approved disaster declaration for Duplin, Jones and surrounding counties to in order to help pay for repairs and other expenses related to Tropical Strom Ernesto. Public Radio East's Megen George recently spoke with SBA Spokesperson Kathy Cook about the loan process.

New Bern, NC – Fall is here and many people are already preparing for the holidays. However, Public Radio East Regular Commentator Marion Blackburn is gearing up for something else. Her favorite television shows are beginning their new seasons.

New Bern, NC – Public Radio East Regular Commentator Marion Blackburn divulges her guilting pleasure. We meet the keynote speaker at the Third Annual Eastern North Carolina Homecoming, Author Michael Parker. And, find out what's going on in ENC with our weekly arts calendar.

New Bern, NC – Thousands of inactive reserve troops are preparing for deployment to iraq, however frontline troops are the only shortage the military is facing. Several rural Eastern North Carolina towns are taking part in a program to harness their strengths in a revitalization effort, and we meet the Carolina Emergency Massage Response Team.

Precious Piano Pieces

New Bern, NC – INTRO - Seemingly insignificant events can propel a good writer forward. Witness the story of Michael Parker and his fourth-and-most-recent novel. George Olsen spoke with the author and UNC-Greensboro creative writing professor who delivers the keynote address at the Third Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming at ECU in Greenville this Saturday and has this.

August 25th 2006 – We conclude our series North Carolina Voices Studying High Schools and evaluate the numbers game that education has become. In 2002 a Beaufort resident undertook the task of creating a 100-day trek taken in 1608 by captain John Smith. George Olsen tells us about the modern day journey. And... we'll find out what's going on in ENC with our weekly arts calendar.

September 8th 2006 – A week ago Tropical Storm Ernesto swept through Easter North Carolina. Some counties are still dealing with flooding resulting from the storm's heavy rains. Also, North Carolina based band Someone's Sister performs in the area this weekend. George Olsen speaks with the folk duo.

"Landfall Along the Chesapeake" - Susan Schmidt

New Bern, NC –
INTRO - In 2002 a Beaufort resident undertook the task of re-creating with a few modern twists a 100-day trek taken in 1608 by Captain John Smith, circling the Chesapeake Bay as he helped to establish the first English colony in the New World. George Olsen has more.

Susan Schmidt can boil down her reasons for her journey to one which many a sailor would recognize.