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Jared Brumbaugh joined the PRE staff in May of 2006.  A New Bern native, he's currently a full time reporter and producer for Down East Journal.  His news spots and feature stories can also be heard during Morning Edition.  Jared is the recipient of five North Carolina Associated Press Awards for "Best Feature," "General News," "Best Health Report," "Best Weather Report," and "Best Consumer Report." When not at the station, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing and paddle boarding. 

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Duke Marine Lab UAS

A team of researchers are conducting their annual sea turtle survey at the coast this summer. But this year, they have a new tool to give them a bird's eye view. Drones equipped with cameras fly over the water and capture images of sea turtles from above.

Public input is being sought on transportation projects planned in and around New Bern. Jared Brumbaugh has more on the meeting set for Wednesday, June 29 th . The largest project, carried over from last year, would upgrade U.S. 70 in James City to interstate standards, and include intersection improvements to Taberna Way, Thurman Road, Stately Pines Road and Fisher Ave. The meeting will also include details on a new roundabout where Broad Street, Neuse Boulevard and Martin Luther King...

National Park Service, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

The mystery of what exactly happened to the Lost Colony is still unknown, but archeologist are uncovering clues as to what life was like for colonist who were a part of the first English settlement attempt in the New World. Earlier this month, archeologists discovered several pottery shards on Roanoke Island, near Fort Raleigh, dating back to the 16 th century.

This week on the Down East Journal, we speak to an archeologist with the First Colony Foundation about rare 16th century pottery pieces recently found on Roanoke Island, near the first settlement in the New World. And, our "Beyond Binary" series continues. We speak to a regional native who is part of a national trend opting for a life without organized religion. The Down East Journal, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations, and Saturday at noon on News and Ideas.

A section of U.S. 264 in Beaufort County will be closed for the next six months as a bridge replacement project gets underway. Jared Brumbaugh has more. The new span will replace the current bridge over Pantego Creek constructed in 1950 that is functionally obsolete and structurally deficient. The project started last week and workers are installing new water and sewer infrastructure at the site now. In the coming weeks, Resident Engineer for the State Department of Transportation Cadmus...

The Sampson Independant

Every third Saturday of June, the National Hollerin' Contest takes place in Spivey's Corner. But this past Saturday's competition is probably the last time hoots and hollers are heard in this crossroads community. Organizers say the event has been suspended because of increasing cost and decreasing participation. But Jared Brumbaugh was there when the Hollerin' Contest was well attended and in this feature, we look back at the nearly 50 year old tradition.

What's it like to hold something older than the Parthenon in the palm of your hand? You'll find out this week on the Down East Journal when we speak to an ECU anthropologist who did just that after millennia-old, stone points were discovered in the state. And, we say farewell to a nearly 50 year old tradition. The National Hollerin’ Contest in Sampson County is coming to an end. Plus, it's your opportunity to go behind the scenes at Tryon Palace.

NC Maritime Museum Southport

A new exhibit opened last week at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Southport. “Along the Colonial Cape Fear” documents the history of southeastern North Carolina from its vast supply of naval stores, shipping operations from the port in Wilmington and rice cultivation in the 1700s.

On this edition of the Down East Journal, Public Radio East contributes to a new permanent exhibit on display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Southport detailing the history of the lower Cape Fear region. We'll look at the exhibit and as well as rice cultivation in southeastern North Carolina. Also, our Beyond Binary series on underrepresented people in eastern North Carolina who fall outside traditional socio-political distinctions continues. And, author Dawson Carr and his book "NC...

Eastern North Carolina has its own flavor. This week on the Down East Journal, we visit some popular – local – ‘cue destinations. And, heading into June 7th , a primer on the primary.

This week on the Down East Journal, we begin our "Beyond Binary" series on underrepresented people segments in Eastern North Carolina who fall outside traditional socio-political distinctions. Unaffiliated voters are a rapidly growing demographic in eastern North Carolina and, potentially, a key factor in this year's national and state races. And, as the first piling of the Bonner Bridge was installed, NCDOT got the green light to move forward with another bridge replacement . We detail the...

When you think of things that define eastern North Carolina, you may say our Civil War history or uncrowded beaches. But nothing is more distinctive than our own flavor of barbecue. Really, it’s all about the sauce. The western part of the state often touts their tomato based concoction. But here in eastern North Carolina, it’s the tangy, spicy vinegar based sauce is instantly recognized as our spin on barbecue. Some say the tradition dates back to natives of the West Indies slowly roasting...


On the monthly "Carolina Skies" segment, we talk about what you can spot in eastern North Carolina's night sky, from constellations and planets to nebulas and galaxies. Our host is Byron Mumaw, President of the Carolina Skies Astronomy Club. This week, we focus on the fourth planet from the sun, Mars.


Commuting on Highway 70 could be a bit quicker now that the Goldsboro Bypass is open. The 20 mile stretch takes motorists from the western end of Wayne County to Lenoir County near LaGrange, circumventing stoplights and notoriously confusing exits in Goldsboro. While some projects are wrapping up, others are just getting started at our coast. The first piling of the Bonner Bridge was installed recently. And on Wednesday, May 25th, NCDOT got the green light to move forward with another bridge...

The saltmarsh sparrow could soon become a lot harder to find along the eastern North Carolina shoreline. Scientists say the species could be headed for extinction in the next 50 years. Researchers at several universities along the East Coast have been tracking saltmarsh sparrow populations and say they’ve dropped about nine percent annually since 1998. Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Maryland/DC was involved with the study and says habitat loss due to coastal development and sea...

Coastal researchers in Beaufort are developing a tool that can alert officials when sharks get too close. Jared Brumbaugh has more on how drones could be used to spot sharks swimming near popular beach spots. Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation and Ecology at Duke University Dave Johnston is currently using fixed wing and quad copter drones to study bonnethead sharks to better understand their role in the ecosystem. “We fly over these coastal waters, the drones collect...

If 2015 was the "summer of the shark" in eastern North Carolina, what about 2016? A series of rare shark attacks along the North Carolina coast last summer may make you reticent to take a dip. This week on the Down East Journal, we dispel shark myths with local researchers who study them. Plus, it's mosquito season and with it, new fears of Zika. But a new study links pesticides to autism. We speak to the pediatrician who lead the study. And, we tell you what's on tap for the Beaufort Music...

This week on the Down East journal, tugboats and firetrucks. Last week, tugboats were intentionally sunk near Beaufort Inlet. We talk about why. And, we visit the recently renovated circa 1928 Firemen's Museum in New Bern.

Wayne Hoggard, NOAA NMFS SEFSC / Image ID: fish2730, NOAA's Fisheries Collection

Last summer, a string of eight shark attacks along the North Carolina coast made headlines across the nation. A Camp Lejeune Marine bitten in the arm and right hand, and another man in his 60’s airlifted to Greenville for multiple bites to his rib cage, hips, lower leg and both hands. Back-to-back unprovoked attacks on Oak Island severely injured a 12 year old girl, and then 90 minutes later, a 16 year-old boy on the same stretch of beach. Both teen’s arms had to be amputated, hers at the...

This week on the Down East Journal, tugboats and fire trucks. Last week, two tugboats were intentionally sunk off Beaufort Inlet. We talk about why. And, we visit the recently renovated circa 1928 Firemen's Museum in New Bern.


On the monthly "Carolina Skies" segment, we talk about what you can spot in eastern North Carolina's night sky, from constellations and planets to nebulas and galaxies. Our host is Byron Mumaw, President of the Carolina Skies Astronomy Club. This week, we focus on the constellation Leo.

Jay Mead, Discovery Diving

On May 6th, two tug boats were sunk about 10 nautical miles off the North Carolina coast at the site of an existing artificial reef. The vessels now rest in about 63 feet of water and are already attracting divers and marine life. Mac McKee speaks with President of the Eastern Carolina Artificial Reef Association Debby Boyce about the project and how it benefits the environment and aquatic ecosystem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOFioX4sBrA

As you stroll through the streets of downtown New Bern, you may have been drawn to an intriguing two-story brick building with the city’s mascot above the balcony. Below, four huge white doors and a sign with bold red letters that say “New Bern Fire Department.” The 88 year old building is now the home of the New Bern Firemen’s Museum which recently moved from around the corner on Hancock Street, a plan years in the making.

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

A coastal researcher from the Crystal Coast was recently honored for his work on developing and improving ways to count fish populations. Research fisheries biologist Nate Bacheler , with the NOAA Lab in Beaufort, was among 105 science and engineering professionals from around the country who received the Presidential Early Career Award. His research involves using underwater cameras to monitor fish species at reefs and implanting fish with transmitters to track their movements. Last week,...

This week on the Down East Journal, what North Carolina is doing to retain service members after they transition out of the military. We speak with locals about the struggles, triumphs, and opportunities veterans face entering the private sector. Plus, we reveal the long history of an Oriental landmark turning 70 this year. And, the North Carolina Symphony is performing their "April In Paris" concert in downtown New Bern on Sunday.

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On the corner of Broad and Church Streets in Oriental stands a venue for the performing arts and entertainment. In the days of Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, it was known as the Mart. Today, we call it the Old Theater. On May 13-14th, there was a celebration of the landmark’s 70 th anniversary with live music and old timers reminiscing about the theater’s varied history.

This week on the Down East Journal, a school house for African American children on the Outer Banks once facing demolition may now become a museum and store, paying tribute to the community's past. We talk to the new building owner about future plans to renovate a Rosenwald School in Currituck County. Plus, it was a loud, fierce competition as high school student teams from across the country faced off in Morehead City for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. And, an event in downtown New Bern...


The NC 11 bridge over Buckskin Swamp and Grove Creek in Kenansville will be shut down for more than a week as crews make the span safe again. Both north and southbound lanes are closed to all traffic as North Carolina Department of Transportation crews repair the bridge’s substructure which was damaged by recent rain events. Communications Officer for Divisions 2 and 3 Brian Rick says they noticed the problem during a biannual inspection. “We don’t take a chance. When we see something like...

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What is a typical rate of upwelling in eastern boundary current regions in meters per day? That’s just an example of the types of questions high school teams had to answer at this year’s National Ocean Sciences Bowl held at the Crystal Coast.

Attorney General Roy Cooper filed a lawsuit Tuesday against leaders of a Kinston charter school over the mishandling of public funds. T he complaint filed in Wake County Superior Court alleges CEO Ozie Hall, and the Chair of its Board Demyra McDonald-Hall falsely inflated the number of students Kinston Charter Academy would enroll so they could get more tax dollars, even though they knew the school would not be able to stay open for the 2013-2014 term. The couple is also accused of taking out...