2014 Wall Calendar: May

Aug 22, 2013

Illinois-based artist Jillian Nickell took NPR's wide-ranging coverage of topics from the crisis in Egypt to the world of classical music, and channeled them in one lovely design for the new NPR Wall Calendar.

"I wanted to bring them to life, as well as show them as being interconnected through the radio," she said.

Just like us, Nickell knows a thing or two about juggling different interests: this one-time chicken wrangler is now an illustrator, screen printer, teacher and WILL Champaign listener. She still lives with a few "feathered roommates." Follow their adventures at @jillustration.

Every year, we ask artists and illustrators to channel their NPR listening (and love) into art for the NPR Wall Calendar, and we're sharing these designs with you. The 2014 NPR Wall Calendar is available for purchase in the NPR Shop at shop.npr.org.

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