Archeology Team to search for CSS Neuse remnants

Mar 10, 2014

UPDATE April 15 -- The state Department of Cultural Resources reports the CSS Neuse archeology dive is off indefinitely

UPDATE March 13 -- The Friday, March 14 search has been postponed because of high water conditions on the Neuse. There is no firm date for rescheduling other than the search should take place in the next 30 days.

INTRO – The State Underwater Archeology Team will be on the Neuse River in Kinston Monday searching for remnants of the CSS Neuse. George Olsen has more.

The ironclad CSS Neuse was constructed in Seven Springs in 1862 & 1863 before being taken downriver to Kinston for completion. In Kinston she was eventually scuttled by her crew to prevent it being captured by federal troops. The Neuse stayed underwater until 1964 when most of the ship was salvaged. Now the R/V Snap Dragon II will patrol the Neuse between the King Street and Queen Street bridge to search for remnants of the Neuse.  Side-scan sonar and a magnetometer will be among the tools at use. Director of Historic Sites Keith Hardison says the survey will reveal “what, if anything, is salvageable.” Recoverable items could be added to the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive Center in Kinston. I’m George Olsen.