Can You Design The Ultimate NPR T-Shirt?

Aug 21, 2013
Originally published on August 21, 2013 2:08 pm

Over the course of around 100 years now, one simple article of clothing has allowed people to make big statements – whether it be about their personal style or society.

In a way, NPR has become kind of like a t-shirt. We've transcended just being a news service to become an organization listeners identify with as a way to describe themselves to others.

So, it's fitting that NPR is teaming up with you, our devoted listeners, and the online design community at Threadless, to create the ultimate NPR t-shirt.

By Monday, September 2, using the theme "My Sound World," we're asking you to make a t-shirt design inspired by NPR and public radio – the sounds and stories that inform, surprise, engage and delight. Your design should depict your personal experiences with NPR and public radio, and reflect how listening enhances your life and keeps you connected to a global community.

With designs already being submitted, now is a good time to see the submissions and vote for your favorites. Voting is open now through September 9.

This post has been updated with extended submission and voting deadlines.

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