Coffee Week And A Few NPR Mug Shots

Apr 23, 2013
Originally published on November 25, 2013 8:48 am

The NPR Science desk and Morning Edition have teamed up for a series about one of the world's most celebrated and powerful beans (or berries to be more accurate). All this week (April 22-26) during Morning Edition you can hear the Coffee Week series with stories behind the coffee in your cup — from the farms of Guatemala to the corner café.

The series drips with news and insights about the culture (and counter culture) of coffee, including a buying guide to decipher coffee labels, an investigation into the threats facing coffee plant genes, interviews with a team working to empower women in the industry and more. While listening, those that think they know their joe can even take this eye-opening coffee quiz.

This is NPR is contributing to the fun with a few NPR mug shots. Coffee is a ritual for some of you, we're sure, and you may even enjoy it from a favorite NPR or public media cup. Our hosts and journalists, of course, are no different (especially those in the early-to-rise Morning Edition family). See if you can figure out what NPR person each of these mugs belongs to (links below the slideshow will reveal the answers):

You can contribute to this stimulating week, too. Tell Morning Edition about the coffee scene in your area and your favorite spot for a caffeine fix – whether it's a specialty shop or that commute-friendly gas station – by emailing A selection of these local stories will end up on air later this week. You can also join in the conversation via Twitter using the hash tag #nprcoffeeweek.

Caitlin Sanders contributed to this post.

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