Correspondent Profile: 'It Is Truly Awesome To Wonder Something, Then Go Find Out'

Jun 28, 2013
Originally published on March 10, 2018 12:46 pm

My name... Emily Harris

Public radio listener since... Not sure. Possibly high school. I remember my first pitch to NPR, which is a funny story I probably shouldn't tell.

NPR employee since... I think my first day was the day after the hanging chad election - Bush/Gore 2000. I remember going to bed with Gore winning and then getting up in the dark (I had to be there early), listening to my favorite radio of all time, the waterproof one in the shower and thinking: wait a sec, what? I'd better get down there!

My first day back after leaving [NPR] at the end of 2007 was my sister's birthday, this year.

My job at NPR is... Jerusalem-based member of NPR's Mideast team. I cover the West Bank, Israel and Gaza.

On Sunday morning, you'll find me... eating a Dutch baby fresh out of the oven. Or German pancake if you prefer. It's not really Dutch and I'm not eating children!

In my suitcase, you'll find... a harmonica.

I use social media to... try to find out what people really would like to know about this place.

One thing people might not expect about Israel is... how difficult it is to recycle. At least, people from recycle-happy Portland, Oregon might be surprised. And the high price of beer.

And about the West Bank... that there are huge red signs at roads leading to Palestinian areas warning Israeli citizens that this is dangerous territory.

And about Gaza... there is an amusement park.

The phrase I always stumble over on air is... Islamist extremists.

I listen best when... I have headphones on.

I'm not as... tall I sound.

My next gadget will be... a smoke alarm that you don't need a ladder to reach.

My favorite things about Oregon (my home state) are... the running trails, the beach, the bookstores and the fact the climate is very good for your skin!

I can't live without... joy.

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