The Curious Listener: Down On The News? We've Got You Covered.

Feb 7, 2013

We all know news can sometimes be a downer. Which is why this week we're featuring a listener letter that doesn't quite fall in the 'fan mail' category. It's from Danielle, a young Curious Listener who was pretty bummed out by some news reports that introduced her to NPR.

We appreciate hearing all perspectives on our work – even if they make us wince a little. Luckily, with over two dozen programs, NPR's got something to pique everyone's interest in one way or another. And that goes for listeners of all ages – and moods!

So whether you're new to NPR programming like Danielle, or a lifelong fan, we want you to know all of what we offer - shows, live specials, podcasts, apps and more. Read on to see what might be up your alley:

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