The Curious Listener: Getting on 'All Songs Considered' 101

Sep 27, 2012
Originally published on June 12, 2015 12:11 pm

Album cover? Check.
Final song mixing? Check.
Perfect band name? Check.

Next task: figure out how to get your music played on All Songs Considered. How do you make that happen?

Unfortunately, casually stalking radio hosts or trying to sling shot your CD into the NPR building doesn't exactly make the best impression. Even with new fancy technology like cloud sharing and cleverly-designed USB drives, there are still some things we like to manage the simple way, like how the NPR Music team accepts music submissions to be considered for a review or feature.

With input directly from the All Songs Considered team, The Curious Listener brings you tips for how to stay on the good side of the NPR Music staff when you're submitting music for the show (but by no means a guarantee that your music will make it on air):

  • Send an email to All Songs Considered with a link to your favorite original song. (This should be a link to a page where the song can be heard. MP3 downloads are fine, too, but please only send a single track). Please also include your contact information.
  • After submitting your music, please wait patiently, and do not write or call. The staff listens to some of everything they receive in the mail, and if you make it on the show, they'll contact you to let you know.
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