ENC Communities Awarded Block Grants To Help With Hurricane Matthew Recovery

Jun 5, 2018

Ten communities in Eastern North Carolina will each receive $750,000 in federal funds to help repair flood damages from Hurricane Matthew.  

Flood waters rising in a residential neighborhood in Beaufort County soon after Hurricane Matthew hit the coast in October 2016.
Credit Jared Brumbaugh

The state's commerce department distributes federal Community Development Block Grants, which are designed for sustainable development projects that help low-to-moderate income residents, said department spokesman David Rhoades. "Because of the need for disaster recovery assistance, this particular round was tailored for [Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts]." 

Washington is one of the federal block grant recipients. John Rodman, the city's planning director, says the funding comes after previous applications to secure federal recovery dollars weren't approved. 

"We have put in several applications through FEMA for flood monies. We have not been very successful in the first couple of rounds. For the Matthew money, I think we got a couple structures that were funded," Rodman said. "But this is primarily to help us with some of those additional needs that we have resulting from the damage that occurred from Hurricane Matthew."

The city plans to use the funding to repair and rebuild flood-damaged homes in low-income neighborhoods, Rodman said. "The low-to-moderate income areas had the most damage from the flood waters," he said. 

Here's a complete list of ENC communities that will receive the block grant funding: 

  • Greene County
  • Town of Tabor City
  • Town of Windsor
  • Town of Fair Bluff
  • City of Wilson
  • City of Washington
  • City of Lumberton
  • Tyrrell County
  • Nash County
  • Craven County