Google, You Autocomplete Me

Apr 24, 2014
Originally published on September 11, 2014 9:25 am

What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled? Search histories can be so incriminating. In this round, guess celebrities based on their common search terms, like "height" and "goes crazy on Oprah."

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Our next contestant is on the line. Hello, you're on ASK ME ANOTHER.

ERIN ARMKNECHT: Hi, I am Erin Armknecht from St. Louis, Missouri.

EISENBERG: Hello Erin from St. Louis. Welcome.


ARMKNECHT: Thank you.

EISENBERG: Erin, what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever asked Google?


ARMKNECHT: OK. Well, the most appropriate embarrassing thing I've ever asked Google is probably how can I get my wiener dog to run faster?


EISENBERG: I'm sure you were pointed in a lot of different directions.

ARMKNECHT: You got to be so careful with Google.

EISENBERG: Yes, you do. So this game is called Google, You Autocomplete Me. And in this game, we're going to ask you to name actors and actresses based on the phrases Google automatically suggests when you enter their names into the search fields. We'll tell you a few of the most common auto complete terms and you have to name the actor. So let's get an example from our puzzle guru Greg Pliska.

GREG PLISKA: Erin, here's how this works, if we set the terms for this actor are height, bartender movie and goes crazy on Oprah, the answer would, of course, be, Tom Cruise.

ARMKNECHT: Tom Cruise. Yeah.

EISENBERG: Exactly. So we're not saying this is how these people should be famous. We're just saying Internet has spoken and we've tried to keep things positive sense, of course, top searches for every actor male or female, always include net worth overrated and ugly, and that is the PG version. So are you ready?

ARMKNECHT: I'm ready.

EISENBERG: Here we go. For this actor the terms are weight-loss, emaciated, shortlist and all right, all right, all right.


ARMKNECHT: Matthew McConaughey.



EISENBERG: Be your own future hero, Erin.



EISENBERG: For this actress returns are bossy pants, Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler.




EISENBERG: All right. They're getting harder. For this actor, the terms are voice, Sprint commercial and Darth Vader.

ARMKNECHT: James Earl Jones?

EISENBERG: Yes it is James Earl Jones.


PLISKA: That was hard. That could be anyone. That could be anyone at all.

EISENBERG: I've never actually thought about the voice of Sprint is the same - uses the dark force.


JONATHAN COULTON: It's an interesting choice if you're a spokesperson.

PLISKA: If you had Sprint, you might have.


ARMKNECHT: It makes sense. Yeah.

EISENBERG: Everyone agrees, Sprint is not a sponsor of ASK ME ANOTHER.


EISENBERG: All right, Erin, this is your last question. For this actor, the terms are funny names, voice of Smaug, Con and looks like in otter.


ARMKNECHT: Benedict Cumberbatch.

EISENBERG: Yes. The best.

ARMKNECHT: Looks like an otter?

EISENBERG: That is like the best looking otter. Like the otters are like well, if we could do this and get some rules. All right, Erin, congratulations. You have one an amazing ASK ME ANOTHER prize. You got them all.

ARMKNECHT: Thank you.



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EISENBERG: Coming up, we're going to create some brand-new Broadway musicals when we put our VIPs in the puzzle hot seat, composers Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, so stay tuned. This is NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER.


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