Gulf War Illness study at ECU to continue into 2015

Feb 18, 2014

 Audio FileA Defense Department funded study of Gulf War Illness being conducted at East Carolina University will continue into 2015.Edit | Remove

The $1.1 million study was scheduled to end this year but will continue through 2015. Forty veterans from the Carolinas and Virginia who developed Gulf War Illness have participated in the study. Dr. William Meggs, a medical toxicologist and professor of emergency medicine at the Brody School of Medicine at ECU who is the study leader, hopes to recruit another 20 veterans to participate. The research is looking at the effectiveness of generic drugs that control inflammation in the brain that may have been
triggered by neurotoxin exposures. Gulf War veterans were exposed to many neurotoxins, including nerve gas from Scud missiles and from the demolition of ammunition dumps containing sarin. I’m George Olsen.