Highways 117 And 70 Could Become Interstates

Sep 23, 2014

A bill introduced Friday proposes changing Highways 117 and 70 to become interstates.   Jared Brumbaugh has details. 

The Military Corridor Transportation Improvement Act, sponsored by Congressman G.K. Butterfield, would designate Highway 70 from Raleigh to the Port of Morehead City as an interstate.  The legislation seeks to do the same for Highway 117, connecting Interstate 795 corridor from Goldsboro to I-40.  An interstate designation would allow for goods to be more efficiently transported and greater access to local military installations.  The bipartisan bill’s cosponsor Congressman Walter Jones says improvements made to highways 117 and 70 will ease traffic congestion and spur job creation.  H.R. 5561 can be considered as part of the annual Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, which may reach the U.S. House of Representatives in November.