Hurricane Florence: Craven County Update

39 minutes ago

Craven County Emergency Services has fielded over 100 calls to their emergency operations center reporting impassible roads due to flooding, downed power lines, trees on cars. 

Craven County Public Information Officer Amber Parker says they’ve received multiple calls for assistance with water rescues. 

“They started yesterday in Fairfield Harbor, portions of New Bern, Adams Creek area, Township 7 and we are getting request for assistance in the River Bend area.”

Parker says hundreds of swift water rescue crew members are on standby and ready to respond.  Two more rescue teams are expected as soon as conditions improve enough for them to get to Craven County.  Parker says storm surge has caused flooding in some downtown New Bern businesses and Union Park is underwater.

“You may have seen a video of water coming into our emergency operations center. There was some water that rushed in.  We have an old jail building and there was a sally-port where vehicles could drive down into it and it’s basically a big hole and water did go into that hole but we are safe in this facility.”

Many road throughout the county are impassible due to flooding, including the Adams Creek Road area,  Broad Creek Road, East Front Street, areas of Bridgeton and River Bend.

"We do have a lot of power outages in different places but you never know where there are active downed powerlines that could cause an electric situation.  We just want people to be very careful."

Parker says water levels in some areas of Craven County are already higher than Hurricane Irene.