Investigation Continues On Jones County Swine Farm Discharge Into Trent River

Sep 7, 2017

An investigation is ongoing into what caused wastewater to discharge into the Trent River at a swine farm in Jones County.  Jared Brumbaugh has more. 

The spill was reported last week to the North Carolina Division of Water Resources.  A water quality team from the division’s Washington Regional Office was sent to the farm, located near the town of Comfort, which found the wastewater discharge had traveled two miles from the facility eventually ending up in the Trent River.  Spokesperson for the Division of Water Quality Bridget Munger. 

“They have done an inspection, they are continuing their investigation to try to determine the cause and the volume of the spill. We’ve not been able to determine that yet but they will be back on site again this week to continue with the investigation.” 

During the Labor Day weekend, people using the Chinquapin Chapel Road crossing downstream of the discharge to launch kayaks and canoes were urged to avoid contact with the water.  But Munger says those precautionary measures have been lifted.