Kinston Bypass Project Resumes

Aug 24, 2017

Credit NCDOT

After being placed on hold in November 2014 due to funding restrictions, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is resuming the Kinston Bypass Project.  Jared Brumbaugh has more.

The bypass covers a 20 mile segment of U.S. 70 from LaGrange to Dover in Lenoir, Jones and Craven Counties.  There are twelve alternatives being studied for the project.  NCDOT Project Engineer Maria Rogerson says the Kinston bypass is now programmed and funded in the NC State Transportation Improvement Plan. 

“we’re still collecting data on all the 12 alternatives based on different environmental aspects.  We will go to the public once again to get feedback on those alternatives and we are working toward a draft environmental impact statement.”

Rogerson says the bypass will help reduce traffic congestion and delays.  NCDOT plans to have a preferred alternative identified by 2020.  Construction is set to begin in 2025.

For more information on the Kinston Bypass project and alternatives, go to: