Mara Wilson Loves NPR

Jun 19, 2013

Look closely, you might recognize this former child star from her roles in several popular '90s movies including Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street and Matilda.

All grown-up, child actress-turned writer Mara Wilson sat down to talk with Talk of the Nation Host Neal Conan about the pressures of child stardom.

"Childhood stars are a very easy target," says Wilson of the celebrity culture surrounding child stars growing up in the public eye.

Now an adult, she noted that the life of a former childhood star becomes even more of an obstacle as an adult.

"You lose that praise," Wilson said. "You lose what you had. And you are so used to it; it's almost like a drug. And all of a sudden it's like withdrawal."

A graduate of interdisciplinary theatre studies from New York University, Wilson now has her eyes set on her original passion - telling stories and writing plays.

With an appropriate amount of praise for the self-proclaimed 'recovering child star,' we couldn't let her leave without showing us a little love.

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