Marty Stuart On Mountain Stage

Feb 4, 2013

Marty Stuart says, "The main difference that I see in now and when I first came to Nashville is, back then it seemed that the most outlaw thing you could do around here was to take country music and blow it up into rock & roll. Today, the most outlaw thing you can possibly do in Nashville Tennessee is play country music."

Here, he makes his third appearance on Mountain Stage, alongside his band The Fabulous Superlatives, recorded live in the border town of Bristol, TN/VA. A virtuoso guitarist by any definition of the term, Stuart's band also includes one of the most sought after pickers in Nashville, if not the world. Together with the high harmonies of bass player Paul Martin, and the tight rhythms of drummer Harry Stinson, The Fabulous Superlatives present their sound proudly and unapologetically as country music. Stuart's set draws from his last two albums, Nashville Volume 1: Tear the Woodpile Down, and Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions. You'll also hear a Bakersfield-inspired take on "California Blues," written by Jimmy Rodgers, and "Farther On" By Sara Carter, two pioneers who recorded with Ralph Peer during his 1927 Bristol Sessions.

This Mountain Stage performance was originally published on June 4, 2012.

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