Morning Shots: Robocop Is Delayed, And People Just Keep Coughing In Theaters

Oct 17, 2012

Have you seen the Breaking Bad art that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul visited in London Monday night? You really should. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Writer Helena Andrews makes the case that Middle Of Nowhere, the new film from director Ava DuVernay, could begin to lay out a "route to success that has been blocked for black dramatic filmmakers and actors." It's an interesting piece, for sure. [The Root]

Hey, Hilary Mantel, you've just won your second Booker Prize for Bring Up The Bodies, the sequel to your also Booker-prize-winning Wolf Hall! What are you going to do next? Why, complain about 50 Shades Of Grey, like everyone else. [The Telegraph]

Amy Adams surprised a lot of people with her performance in The Master, but a lot of those people are still going to be surprised that she's reportedly attached to star in a biopic about Janis Joplin. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Poor Robocop. His upcoming movie has been pushed all the way into February of 2014. We could all be robots by then! It won't even be interesting. [E! Online]

What does it take to get ?uestlove to co-teach a course on classic albums at NYU? An NPR intern! (Seriously.) [Billboard]

The debate over the rights to Superman will apparently never end. [The Hollywood Reporter]

If you've been dutifully watching America's Next Top Model and wondering when they would fix the entire enterprise by including some male models who are probably also going to argue with each other a lot, your wish has been granted. For its twentieth (!) cycle (Tyra says "cycle" instead of "season" for reasons likely known only to her), Top Model will add hot dudes. [Inside TV]

My favorite thing about this gripe about people coughing at the theater is that I don't think there's any quantitative evidence that people actually cough more at live theater than at movies; it's just sort of an Andy Rooney "here's a thing that chaps me" complaint, and I'm entirely supportive of that. [The Guardian]

If you've been reading about the big Dutch art heist (and yes, My Big Fat Dutch Art Heist is undoubtedly already being scripted), add to your knowledge this explanation from the "founder of the FBI's art crime team" about why stealing paintings is actually sort of a terrible way to try to become rich. [The Atlantic]

TODAY'S LEAST ESSENTIAL NEWS ITEM: Bachelorette couple Emily and Jef (yes, with one F) broke up, just like you knew they would when she didn't pick Arie the cute race-car driver. [E! Online]

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