NAACP Tour Stops in New Bern

Jun 11, 2013

The NAACP’s Forward Together Movement made a stop in eastern North Carolina on June 4th. Jared Brumbaugh was there and says nearly 150 people attended the informational forum at the Jasper P Haynes Omega Center in New Bern to hear about current legislation in the General Assembly.  North Carolina NAACP President William J. Barber was the guest speaker at the event. 
 “I know y’all are church folks so don’t cuss yet. But this stuff will make you cuss…”
 Among the issues Barber addressed were voter ID requirements, sales tax increases, unemployment and cuts to education. 
 They cutting so much money it’s going to run many teachers assistants out of a job…”
 He encouraged citizens to push back against the state government by participating in the NAACP’s Moral Monday event each week at the State Capital. 
 I went because I’m very concerned…
 New Bern resident Evelyn Paul spoke at forum about her experience of being one of about 150 people arrested during this week’s Moral Monday.  Paul says she’s frustrated with North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and the state legislative assembly.
 “The legislation this year, almost every bill is going to affect voting rights, public education, its going to affect people who are not wealthy.”
 The Forward Together Movement will make stops in 25 counties across the state before wrapping up this Friday June 7th in Durham.