NCDOT Seeks Comment On Proposed Roundabout In Beaufort

Nov 1, 2017

Credit NCDOT

The State Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting November 8th on a proposed roundabout in Carteret County.  Jared Brumbaugh has more.        

The NCDOT has developed a design concept for the roundabout project, would be located in Beaufort at the intersection of US 70 and N.C. Highway 101.  In North Carolina, crashes of all types have been reduced by almost half where roundabouts have been installed at existing intersections.

“It will be one of the three key entry points to our community.”

Planning and Inspections Director for Beaufort Kyle Garner believes the roundabout will enhance safety and improve traffic flow especially when construction on the new Gallants Channel Bridge is complete in early 2019.

“It already sees a great deal of traffic now but let’s just say at certain times of the day, it’s a challenge to make certain traffic movements whether they be right turns, left turns that there are some serious safety issues there especially with the current design of it.”

The meeting will take place at the Beaufort Train Depot from 4 to 7 pm.  Representatives with NCDOT will be available to provide information and answer questions.  Public comments on the roundabout proposal can be submitted through November 30th.  

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