North Carolina Boat Ramps Plagued by Buzzards

Aug 1, 2014

North Carolina wants the public’s help in dealing with a growing problem – buzzards at boat ramps across the state.

The state Wildlife Resources Commission says the Buzzards, also known as vultures, are federally protected birds of prey. Geoff Cantrell of the Commission’s Public Affairs says the birds have damaged vehicles and trailers.

“They are leaving scratches and torn places on vehicles and boat trailers, they are pulling at the molding around windshields, pulling at the wiper blades, they are pulling at antennas – that sort of thing.”

The state uses fireworks and models of dead buzzards to scare the birds.

Officials are asking the public to help by keeping boat ramps clean to discourage the scavengers people should not leave food fishermen should not leave fish carcasses and other waste.

The turkey vulture is common in the mountains and Piedmont while the black vulture is more common in Eastern North Carolina.