Panel Round One

Aug 30, 2013
Originally published on January 2, 2014 12:49 pm
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We want to remind everyone to join us here most weeks back at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. For tickets and more information, go to, and you can find a link at our website, Right now, panel, time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Tom, a farmer in China was distraught this week after an unknown perpetrator broke into his farm and freed what?

JIM MAXON: I'm guessing - if it's - the livestock is too easy. I'm going to say his wife, his long-suffering wife.


SAGAL: No. The perpetrator's last act after he opened the cages was to turn on the light so they'd scatter.

MAXON: Cockroaches.


TOM BODETT: He stole the cockroaches.

CHARLIE PIERCE: He freed them.

SAGAL: He released - he freed one million cockroaches.


SAGAL: The story, which was first reported on by The Nightmare You Can't Seem To Wake Up From Gazette...


SAGAL: Is that the farmer had purchased $16,000 worth of cockroach eggs and had been raising the little bugs inside a...

AMY DICKINSON: Whoa, wait.

SAGAL: ...plastic greenhouse on his property. But this week, an unknown perpetrator snuck onto the farm, destroyed the greenhouse, releasing over a million cockroaches in the process. It was just like Pamplona's running of the bulls, except with more crunching.


DICKINSON: But wait, you can actually order cockroach eggs?

SAGAL: Apparently you can.

PIERCE: From Amazon.


DICKINSON: I like it.

PIERCE: No, no, no, not, the actual Amazon.

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