Panel Round One

Nov 22, 2013
Originally published on January 2, 2014 12:46 pm
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Now right now, panel, it is time, of course, for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Faith, the Wall Street Journal reports that after years of research, businesses have finally found a way to stop employee theft. They're just taking away what from the workers?

FAITH SALIE: It's probably not their fingers.

SAGAL: That's next, and it's been considered in many a board room, I'm sure.

SALIE: Can you give me a hint, please?

SAGAL: Well, say goodbye to those cargo pants you should have said goodbye to some years ago.

SALIE: Pockets?

SAGAL: Yes, they're taking away pockets.



SAGAL: It makes sense.

BRIAN BABYLON: So wait a minute, so...

SALIE: Clearly they have no kangaroos working for them.

BABYLON: So these people's - they look like they're wearing, like, Star Trek uniforms to work?

SAGAL: Exactly, very, very slimming. Pocketless uniforms are now being issued to workers by nuclear facilities, casinos and medical marijuana farms...


SAGAL: So listen, a little helpful tip here. If your buddy says to you, hey, man, I stole some weed from the pot farm where I work, take a second to think about where he must have hidden it.


CHARLIE PIERCE: I'm more worried about the guys at the nuclear plants who are carrying out the plutonium or whatever. I mean, why is your lower half glowing, Bob? What's going on at the nuclear plant?

SALIE: It really brings new meaning to fanny pack.

SAGAL: It does.


SAGAL: Well here's the thing. I mean, if you want to, there's plenty of places in your clothes to hide stuff, right, pockets or no. So you know where this is leading. It's like one day it's going to be welcome to Best Buy, I'm your naked sales associate Bill. Hey, my hands are full, but I can still point you to our DVD players.


SAGAL: Coming up, all of our panelists cram into a single airplane bathroom for our Bluff The Listener Game. Call 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to play. And legendary basketball coach Muffet McGraw joins us to play Not My Job.


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