Panel Round One

May 4, 2013
Originally published on May 4, 2013 11:56 am
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One special note, the show you are hearing right now is also being beamed live to movie theaters across the country. If you're not at our local theater, and want to see what we actual look like as our jokes fail, many cinemas will be rebroadcasting the show next week, so check for details.

Right now, panel, time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Tom, some people are logging on to Yelp not to review restaurants or bars or stores, but to review what?

TOM BODETT: Their dates?

SAGAL: No, people already do that on other sites.



SAGAL: This is pretty new. And I'll give you an example. In one negative review the commenter said: Leavenworth not Leaven-worth it.

MO ROCCA: Oh, gosh.

BODETT: Prison.

SAGAL: Yes, prison.


SAGAL: They are not just inmates, they're empowered consumers of penal services. And the only thing worse...

BODETT: I give it four bars.

SAGAL: Exactly, yeah.



SAGAL: The only thing worse than being sentenced to life in prison is being sentenced to life in a one-star prison. Most of the reviews share common complaints, from the water is always cold, to the cafeteria is too stabby.


SAGAL: The reviews - you'll be surprised, the reviews are not all bad. There are people in prisons who are giving them positive reviews. One two-star review stated, and this is quote, a true quote, "Sure, the beds were uncomfortable and my bunkmate was frequently rude, but the food was great. And so reasonably priced," unquote.


ROCCA: Attica, more like Rattica, this place is a mess. This place did not make me Sing, Sing. I'm trying to - just scrolling through different prison names.

SAGAL: I understand, we're doing our best.

ROCCA: Any more prisons?

PAULA POUNDSTONE: I don't know the names of a lot of prisons.

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