Park Service seeks comment on off road vehicles

Jun 25, 2014

Public input is being sought as the National Park Service develops guidelines for off road vehicle use at Cape Lookout. The off road vehicle management plan seeks to evaluate whether or not to allow off road vehicles.  Three statewide public meetings have already taken place and the comment period for the draft Off Road Vehicle Plan remains open through Monday, July 21st.  Cape Lookout National Seashore Park Superintendent Pat Kenney says off road vehicle use must be regulated to minimize impact to coastal wildlife and habitat, and visitors to the park. 

“we were involved in some litigation in the mid 2000’s that really pushed the National Park Service to move forward and get this regulation in place.”

Kenney says Cape Lookout’s preferred alternative is option C.  Alternative C is similar to alternatives A, B and D with varying percentages of the shoreline open to off road vehicle use at different times of the year.  Alternative E would prohibit off road vehicle use to the entire area of Core Banks and Shackleford Banks.