Planet Money Gets Its Own Subreddit

May 30, 2013

Planet Money fan @David_Rab just set up a new place on Reddit for Planet Money fans to discuss the show. Reddit is a link sharing site, which allows users to vote up or down content or comments. David created what's called a "subreddit" for Planet Money, a "subreddit" is a specific part of the site dedicated to just one interest.

"The best thing about Reddit is the comments. I'm hoping we can have really good discussion for each episode," he told us.

David said he also loves that on Reddit no one is dictating what is most important, whatever people like the best, "just organically rises to the top."

So Planet Money fans what episodes and stories do you like best? We can't wait to find out.

You can join David's subreddit, here.

For more on how Reddit works, check out this helpful beginner's guide put together by Mashable.

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