PRE Fund Drive Postponed

28 minutes ago

Public Radio East General Manager Ben Donnelly

Due to the effects of Hurricane Florence, Public Radio East has postponed our fall fund drive which was scheduled to run from September 20th through the 28th. 

We have put considerable resources toward continuing to broadcast through the storm and its aftermath. The PRE studios and the WTEB transmitter in New Bern are connected to a generator which provided electricity for us to transmit and report even when most of the region was without power.  A small dedicated team kept things running under difficult circumstances. 

We are still recovering as an organization and as individuals who live in this community. Many of our listeners are also dealing with disruption to their lives and destruction of personal property. Any of our resources that would go toward the drive are better used in aiding and documenting the ongoing recovery.

Even though we are not running our scheduled on-air campaign right now, we still need financial support now more than ever.

You can always make a donation, become a member, or renew your membership on our website at  Just click the DONATE button.

Thank you,

Ben Donnelly

General Manager, Public Radio East