PRE Pint Glass And French Press Travel Mug

Oct 24, 2017

Support public radio in eastern North Carolina with a pledge of $75 and pick up the PRE frosted pint glass with the four color logo for your favorite beverage.  Pledge $125 for two glasses and $240 for four 16 oz. glasses.  Also available for your pledge at the $180, the new 14 oz double shot French press travel mug with both Morning Edition and All Things Considered logos.  Constructed of double-wall restaurant grade stainless steel, this mobile French press comes with a patented plunger and stainless steel mesh screen.  The built in carabineer makes it easy to attach to a backpack when you're on the go.  Store fresh coffee in the screw-in canister on the bottom.  Make a secure online pledge or call 1-800-222-9832.  Thank you!