Public Square Photo Assignment #2: This Is Where

Sep 6, 2013

Last month we launched our new "Public Square" series with KPCC and asked you to share photos of hard work on Instagram. This month: Location location location. Tell us a story that starts with: This is where ...

It could be anything — the place where you had your first kiss, the diner where a famous movie scene was shot, where so-and-so struck gold, a riot happened, a bomb fell.

"X" marks the spot, but it all depends on your caption. Document it, describe it and tag it #PSThisIsWhere

Check in for updates (@npr and @kpcc) and you might see your photo!

Montauk, N.Y.: This is where Captain Frank Mundus weighed in the world's largest Great White Shark on August 6, 1986. Mundus, who is said to be the inspiration for the character Quint in Jaws, caught the 3,427-pound fish, 28 miles off Montauk and 18 miles from Block Island. It still holds the record not only for the largest shark but also for the largest fish of any kind ever caught by rod and reel. The capture of the shark was controversial at the time, with some saying the shark was feeding on a whale when caught (which would have negated the so-called "Official Record"). The International Game Fishing Association ruled that the catch was legitimate based on photographs. Taken at Star Island Yacht Club.

The Basics:

Please tag only one photo on Instagram between now and Sept. 16.

Any image tagged before that date is eligible to be featured on Instagram, KPCC's AudioVision and NPR's Picture Show.

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