Residential Project Underway in Greenville

Apr 23, 2013

A 30 to 35 million dollar residential project is underway on Reade Circle in Greenville. The five story building will house up to five hundred people, and includes a parking deck, a pool, courtyards, and dining. Construction crews are demolishing buildings on the 10 to 11 thousand square feet of space being used for the project. Construction will begin by early Fall of this year. Investors, Tom Taft and Jim Ward, say construction is estimated for completion in the summer of 2015. Economic Development Officer for the City of Greenville, Carl Reese, says the complex will be the highest end housing in the city. He says it’s unlikely that visitors to the uptown area and people who work there will experience any significant delays or detours during construction. Reese also says a few blocks down the road, the city is drawing plans for a long awaited commercial project. 

 The city is also putting together a new parking garage  that will provide between 250 and 275 public spaces just a few blocks from this site in our uptown commercial district.

Reese says they are putting together a budget for the city owned parking deck, and will soon be finding a builder. Stephen O’Connell Public Radio East.