Roanoke River Lighthouse to re-open to the public

Aug 7, 2014

INTRO – An 1866 lighthouse is re-opening to the public today (Thursday). George Olsen has more.

The Roanoke River Lighthouse was built at the mouth of the Roanoke in 1886. It was decommissioned in 1941 and later sold and moved, serving as a private residence for about 35 years.  That was one of multiple moves for the lighthouse… its most recent move coming in 2007 when it was loaded onto a barge and moved to the town waterfront. The lighthouse is the only surviving screw-pile lighthouse in the state.  Restoration of the lighthouse got underway in the 1990s with a push from community advocates. The state got involved in 2005. The formal opening of the lighthouse takes place next week, August the 15th though a special “sneak peek” will take place today (Thursday) in honor of National Lighthouse Day. Tours today will take place between 2-and-4 pm. I’m George Olsen.