Schedule Change on News and Ideas Starts July 1

Jun 25, 2013

With the cancellation

Host, Robin Young
Credit Here & Now

by NPR  of Talk of the Nation  at the end of this month, Public Radio East announces  a new line up for the News and Ideas Network afternoon schedule.

Beginning July 1,  Here & Now, the mid-day news program from WBUR in Boston,   will be expanded from 12 pm to 2pm  and the first hour will be repeated 2pm to 3pm. 

Science Friday will continue to air in its regular time slot,  2pm - 4pm on Fridays,  Down East Journal will also air as usual at noon on Fridays on News and Ideas.

We are saddened by the demise of Talk of the Nation, a program PRE has aired for the past ten years but we are happy to be able to keep Science Friday in its regularly scheduled time slot, and we look forward to the expansion of Here & Now.  More about both that show and its award winning host, Robin Young, is available at .