Signs of the Times: NPR and Stations Promote on Billboards and Other Media

Feb 6, 2013

You're in the car, cruising along the highway and thinking about that great Morning Edition piece you heard today, when you wonder, "Was that the NPR logo on that billboard?" If you are in San Diego, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Indianapolis, or Orlando – it just might have been.

Between January and April, NPR and Member Stations KPBS, KERA, WFYI, and WMFE are testing out a new visibility campaign that may eventually go nationwide.

The campaign features attention-grabbing (and stereotype-breaking) messages about the diversity of public radio listeners. You can get a sneak peek at some of the billboards, here:

As part of the pilot campaign, a combination of billboards, transit, print and digital ads are currently running or slated to run in the four markets. TV spots and more social media are on the way.

Each ad is tagged with the station call letters and frequency and with the URL where listeners can stream and/or pick and share their own "Radiotype."

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