State archaeologists get higher-resolution images of Agnes E. Fry

May 9, 2016

State archaeologists now have more detailed sonar images to study of the Civil War blockade runner Agnes E. Fry. George Olsen has more.

State archaeologists discovered the Agnes E. Fry using side scanning sonar on February 27. They soon got an offer from the Charlotte Fire Department allowing them to use a digital sector scanning sonar to get higher resolution images of the ship which was lost during the Union campaign blockading the port of Wilmington during the Civil War. Deputy State Archaeologist Billy Ray Morris says the Charlotte Fire Department’s digital sonar “enabled us to detect objects not visible with the side scanning sonar” that was used to find the wreck. The images were produced last week. The scan will allow archaeologists to create a research plan for the shipwreck that is described as “well preserved.” I’m George Olsen.