State to contribute money to Battleship NC hull repairs

Feb 20, 2014

The Battleship North Carolina will get an infusion of state funds in order to begin necessary repairs. George Olsen has more.

In 2009 the Department of the Navy informed those tending the battleship that it would need to be dry-docked or disposed of because of serious problems in the ship’s hull. The Office of State Budget and Management’s Repair and Renovation Contingency Reserve will allocate $500,000 to help pay for those repairs.  Executive Director for the battleship retired Captain Terry A. Bragg said the funds will allow the permitting and engineering portion of the hull repair project to begin.  The battleship has been docked in the Cape Fear River at Wilmington since April 1962 when it was dedicated as a memorial to the state’s World War II veterans. I’m George Olsen.