State drivers in top ten in gas taxes paid

Apr 19, 2017

Yesterday (April 18) was the deadline for filing federal and state income tax returns. A gas price tracking website used it to remind people about another tax they pay many times over at about 50 cents a pop. George Olsen has more.

North Carolinians spend nearly $318 a year in gas taxes, the tenth highest total in the nation. That’s on a combined federal, state and local gas tax of nearly 53 cents a gallon. About eighteen-and-a-half cents of that is a federal tax unchanged since 1993. The gas price tracking website reports the state’s gas tax is slightly higher than a national average of 49-and-a-half cents while significantly higher than the Southern region’s average of 38.7 cents. The only state in the South paying a higher tax is Florida, about two cents higher. The highest rate… Pennsylvania, where drivers pay nearly 78 cents in taxes for each gallon pumped. I’m George Olsen.