Statewide Tie One On For Safety Campaign Is Underway

Dec 12, 2013

The start of the holiday season is days away but the “Tie One On For Safety” Campaign is already underway across the state.  Jared Brumbaugh has more.

In a recent survey, Mothers Against Drunk Driving found that 73 percent of adults 21 years of age or older have known someone who’s tried to operate a vehicle after drinking too much. In an effort to reduce the amount of drunk driving fatalities, the group is encouraging people to attach a “Tie One On For Safety” red ribbon to their vehicle’s antenna.  MADD State Executive Director LaRhoda Scott.

“They are a reminder for individuals to plan ahead and have a designated, non-drinking driver for the holiday season, but it’s also letting law enforcement know we’re supporting their efforts as they’re on the road making the roads safer.”

According to Scott, drunk driving caused 16 motor vehicle deaths during the holiday season in 2012.  The “Tie One On For Safety” campaign will run until New Year’s.  I’m Jared Brumbaugh.