Thoughts On A Move: An NPR Short Film

Jul 5, 2013
Originally published on July 10, 2013 10:02 am

For many folks at NPR, our recent headquarters move was a first-time experience. But for others this wasn't the first time they've packed up their work spaces while sticking with the ever-present daily news and production deadlines.

As NPR was moving its offices and studios from 2025 M Street to 635 Massachusetts Avenue in 1994, Bob Boilen, now the host of All Songs Considered, picked up a camera and started shooting film. He did what we do around here, interviewing his colleagues like Susan Stamberg, Melissa Block, Robert Siegel, Carl Kasell, and many more NPR staffers about the final move preparations and what they would miss... and not miss about the building.

Nineteen years later, Bob once again visited staff, some of those same people and new faces too, as they were packing up to move out of 635 a few months ago.

When we watched the footage of both of Bob's videos, we realized that not much has changed. So, here's a mash up of the best moments from the final days at the last two NPR headquarters.

Caitlin Sanders contributed to this post.

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