Top Stories: NFL Refs Get New Contract; Israeli Prime Minister Visits U.N.

Sep 27, 2012

Good morning: here are our early headlines:

We Have A Ruling: NFL Referees Are Returning To The Field.

Netanyahu To Press For 'Red Line' On Iran.

And here are other headlines:

Bloodiest Day Yet In Syrian Civil War. (Telegraph)

New Report Finds One In Five U.S. Households Owes Student Debt. (Pew Research Center)

A Single Powerball Ticket Worth $200 Million Sold In Iowa. (Des Moines Register)

Yosemite National Park Workers Tested For Hantavirus, Can't Speak About It Publically. (KTVU)

Japanese Scientists Briefly Create Scarce Element 113 In Periodic Table. (Los Angeles Times)

Mass. Sen. Brown Reprimands Staff Over Native American 'War Whoops' That Mocked Rival. (Politico)

'Alternative' Nobel Prizes Go To Human Rights And Environmental Activists. (AP)

Phoenix Filmmaker Arrested For Taping Terrorist Hoax To 'Test' Police Response. (ABC)

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