Top Stories: A Nuclear Iran; GOP Lawmaker Changes Gay Marriage Stance

Mar 15, 2013

Good morning, here are our early stories:

'Over A Year Or So' Before Iran Could Develop A Nuclear Weapon, Obama Says.

Son's Coming Out Leads Sen. Portman To Reverse On Same-Sex Marriage.

And here are more early headlines:

Pope Francis To Meet With Cardinals Today. (CNN)

Syria Threatens To Hit Rebels In Lebanon. (Reuters)

Expanding Women's Rights Will Destroy The World, Says Egyptian Party. (Christian Science Monitor)

Second South African Officer Suspected Of Dragging Man With Car. (Mail & Guardian)

Zimbabwe Votes Tomorrow On New Constitution. (

Boeing Aims To Fly Dreamliner In Weeks, Not Months. (USA Today)

Workers Unearth Graves Of 'Black Death' Plague Victims. (BBC)

A Second Carnival Cruise Ship Sails Into Problems At Sea. (ABC)

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