Viking's Choice: Hammercult, 'Rise Of The Hammer'

Aug 19, 2015
Originally published on August 20, 2015 11:15 am

Sometimes it's just better from the war horse's mouth. Here's Hammercult's statement on "Rise Of The Hammer":

"Rise Of The Hammer" is really all about what Hammercult is about: Power, intensity and badassness! This is the first song on the Built For War album, which welcomes the listener to dive inside the unstoppable war-machine and join the ride as Heavy Metal conquers another milestone on its path! Chuck Norris ain't got s*** on Hammercult.

The Israeli band's third album in four years revs up Hammercult's hell-raising, hook-heavy, chant-along thrash metal. With a bit more of a traditional heavy-metal melody (think Mercyful Fate) and hardcore-punk crunch, "Rise Of The Hammer" rampages with bloodthirsty glee.

Built For War comes out Sept. 4 on SPV/Steamhammer. It available on Amazon (U.S., Europe).

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