What Will Be The Next 'Game Of Thrones?' We've Got Some Ideas

Apr 13, 2014
Originally published on April 14, 2014 1:33 pm

Game of Thrones is finally back on Sunday nights, to the great joy of fans of both the books and the television series. And there's no doubt that the success of Thrones will lead HBO and other cable networks to look for more fantasy series that lend themselves well to this particular style of televised storytelling. Books with complex built-in histories, and mythologies filled with engaging characters that will give more of Hollywood's best actors a chance to show their quality (and maybe win a few awards).

Though there are dozens of fantasy series that fit the bill, these are the three I think the powers that be should look into first. Aside from the good qualities listed above, my three picks offer something extra — and keep in mind that though these would all make great TV, reading them is even better.

K. Tempest Bradford is a speculative short-story writer by night, a technology journalist by day, and an activist blogger in the interstices.

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