Work It! NPR Staff Give And Take Advice For Women On The Job

May 15, 2013

As part of NPR's series The Changing Lives Of Women, our fearless female journalists are answering tough questions about their careers and offering insight into what it means to "have it all." Nina Totenberg, Audie Cornish and others responded in online essays and some took their best mantras to social media as well.

The tips and tricks for working women are piling up at NPR's She Works: Note To Self, a sister site for the series where you can create, share and print a custom poster and check out one-liners, from the amusing to the serious, submitted by listeners.

Soon after the site launched last week, NPR staff were just as eager to share and solicit advice as our listeners. Colorful posters popped up around the NPR HQ. Our colleagues were blowing up the #sheworks hashtag, with both their own words and important advice they came across at She Works. Check out the slideshow to see what they had to say.

And a big hand to the team behind this project - The Picture Show's Claire O'Neill; Kitty Eisele and Selena Simmons-Duffin from Morning Edition; Brian Boyer, Jeremy Bowers, Danny DeBelius, Christopher Groskopf and Alyson Hurt from our News Apps team (@nprapps); and Social Media Product Manager Kate Myers.

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