Zack Snyder Loves NPR

Jul 3, 2013

It's never an easy task to remake a beloved part of American culture, but director Zack Snyder took the challenge with Superman in his new film Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as the man himself and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Snyder came by NPR West to talk with NPR correspondent Linda Wertheimer on Morning Edition about the Superman mythology. Opening on the soon-to-be-destroyed planet Krypton, Man of Steel explores the superhero's origins. Snyder calls it the "ultimate adoption story," because as the tale goes, Superman is taken in by Martha and Jonathan Kent played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.

And you can't talk about Superman without talking about his costume. In this version, notably, Superman wears his underwear underneath his clothes. Snyder says he wanted the costume to look like it was connected to Kryptonian technology rather than "a thing his mom sewed out of his blanket."

"I just felt like to make it make sense we wanted to base it on Kryptonian culture. And it's a cape culture. It's cool; we should all wear capes. I think it's a fashion thing that's going to catch on," he said.

Man of Steel 2 has been announced... perhaps his next costume will feature a heart and headphones design, because before flying off, Snyder made sure to grab plenty of I Heart NPR buttons and postcards. He showed us some superhero love too.

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